Responsive Websites Design

Are you a business an individual, a business or an organization, wishing to break out of your locality, reach out to the world and become a global brand? Gigo360 is just the perfect place to actualize it. If you are a business or a corporate body and your presence is not found on the Internet, then you are missing a lot. This defines the saying by Bill Gates (The CEO and Founder of Microsoft), he said there comes a time when there will be two groups of people: Those whose businesses are online and those who are out of business. This means, very soon, if your business is not online, then you are not in business.

Do you know that you can increase your sales by over 700% by simply having a website for your business? Do you know that the only difference between you and the great Amazon you know is just: O yes, all those big household names that are known worldwide, like Amazon, Alibaba, Aliexpress, Ebay, Jumia, etc, became popular simply because of their websites. They, having website for their business enabled them to break out of their locality, bringing them to the knowledge of the world, and off course, global brands. I know many of us reading this have never seen or even know the owners of Alibaba, Aliexpress, Ebay, etc, and yet the impacts of their websites are undeniable. You can simply be in the comfort of your bed and buy anything you want from them, through their website, though you don’t see them face-to-face, nor even know them.

Also, remember, those days, when you want to register a company or business with CAC, you recall how difficult it used to be. When you will have to travel a long distance, do a lot of other logistic processes, stress yourself for months, and sometimes years, hire a lawyer and at the end, pay a huge amount, just to have your have business registered with CAC. But now, it’s no more so. You can simply go to CAC Website (at and have your business name registered from the comfort of your bed room. As a matter of fact, I registered my business name: Gigo360 Media, from the comfort of my bedroom. I didn’t even have to go to the nearest CAC Office, or travel anywhere to have my business name registered. From the comfort of my bedroom, I had my business name completely registered. So, you can see the power of having a website for your business. That is the power of the Web, and off course the internet. I can go on and on, the list is endless.

It all starts by you having a website for your business. In all our web design jobs, we make them search engine optimized, so that people can easily Google and find your website.

 Church Website: With a lot of wonderful features

 School Portal (For all levels of education, e.g primary, secondary and tertiary institutions). The kind of school portal we design affords you the opportunity to manage your entire school system. Irrespective of the distance between you and your school, you can simply manage your school from where you are. It comes with online payment integration that allows parents to pay their children’s school fees from the comfort of their home without having to go to the bank. And a lot of other fantastic features not mentioned here.

 Hotel Website: With a lot of wonderful features, including online booking, etc

 Transport company website: with online booking features. This enables your clients or prospective passengers to book for a ticket on your website from the comfort of their home. Think of how this will boost your passengers’ inflow.

 Ecommerce Website: We design ecommerce websites like jumia, konga, ebay, etc. With an ecommerce website, you sell your goods online from the comfort of your office. You’re no more limited to your location or environment to make sales. You can then sell your products, both physical and digital products across the globe. We help you actualize this.

 Bulk SMS Portal: It’s a fact that over five billion naira (#5bn) worth of SMS are sent in Nigeria alone every month. Have you ever asked: “Who are those making this money?” Do you know that you too can be tapping from that money? Bulk SMS Business is cool and lucrative business. If you know your way, you can be making a fortune from it every month. We at Gigo360 are here to help you achieve that. We will not only design the SMS Portal for you and leave you alone; we will also show you the way to go. We will give you our highly esteemed and most priced Nationwide Verified GSM Database, sorted by name, sex and LGAs for you to use for your SMS Marketing. With this, you can contact businesses and churches around you and tell them how you can help them get more clients from any LGA they want in Nigeria using Bulk SMS. You can even use it to help politicians campaign for their desired political offices. I can go on and on, the list is endless. Money making opportunities inherent in Bulk SMS Marketing is limitless.

 Social Media Portal: Do you want to have your own Social Media Website like Facebook, Twitter, Badoo, etc? Gigo360 is the way to go. You can just decide to set up a Social Networking Site for your community, church, school, organization, etc, or anything. You can even take the bold step of setting up a dating website where people meet and connect for a wonderful relationship, or even marriage. You can decide to set up a social networking community for pastors, doctors, lawyers, artistes, singers, etc, across the globe, and then make money from paid adverts on the website, as Facebook does. I can go on and on. The list is endless. We can help you achieve this.

 Business Website: For instance, this website you are right now ( was designed by us. Do you want this type of website for your business, where you can show the world what you’ve got to offer them? Then Gigo360 is the place to be. Our Team of experts are working round the clock to ensure that all our clients are satisfied.

 Blog Website: You wanna become a blogging icon and millionaire like Linda Ikeji? It all starts by you first having a Blog Website. Let us help you bring out your dream Blogging Website, and become the Blogging Star you have always dreamed to be.

 NGOs and Other Organizations Website. Get a website for that your organization, and let the world know you. What type of organization are you running or intending to run? Is it an Orphanage, Fund Raising or any other type of organization? To get more donations and supports to make meaningful impacts, you need a standard website.

 E-Learning Centre: Do you have a school, or have an idea about setting up a standard and unique learning centre, where people can come and learn various stuffs? An E-Learning Centre is the way to go. You can set up a website as an E-Learning Centre where people can come and learn anything you have to offer. We, at Gigo360 can make this possible for you. We can set up an E-Learning Centre for you, in the form of a website where people come, pay a fee online to you and be taught anything you have to teach them. All these can be done online. Any how you want it; if you want the lessons to be live, such that your students watch you live on line as you teach, or you can make it a pre-recorded video that they can come and download or watch online, or you can make it an eBook, available for downloads when they pay a fee. Whichever way you want it, Gigo360 can make it possible for you.

Any kind of website you can imagine