Special Election Campaigns

If you’re vying for a political office, or having someone vying for any political office, Gigo360 is the way to go. Don’t worry, just let us help you handle your electoral campaigns digitally, and winning will be sure for you. That your long aspiring political office will surely be yours. With our Nationwide Verified GSM Database, sorted by names, sex and LGAs, combined with our special and powerful bulk SMS Platform that mentions each recipient’s name. With our bulk Whatsapp Messaging Platform, that enables you to send unlimited message content, with campaign pictures and videos to all Whatsapp users in your target location. With our Voice Calls Service that you can use to call and talk directly to all your target voters in your desired LGA(s) at a go; you’ve got no other option than to just win. Before we start campaigning for you, we will design a personal website for you, that contains and describes your personality profile and past achievements, with pictures and others, and then send the website address to your prospective voters for them to see and know more about you

Another beautiful thing about our election campaign service is that we don’t support two opponents vying for a particular political office at the same time. For instance, if you’re contesting to become the chairman your LGA, and you contact us at Gigo360 to help you campaign, we will be glad to do it for you, and we won’t only do it for business sake, we will give you our maximum support to see you win, to the extent that even if your opponent contact us for the same contract, we won’t accept from him again because we are already supporting you. But then, it’s a matter of: “First Come, First Served”. If you’re the first to contact us, and give us the job, then good luck, because we will support you till the end. We will not accept the same job from your opponent.

This is a secret strategy that made Buhari win 2015 election. While APC was spending more on the Digital to campaign , PDP, on the other way round refused to spend, saying they don’t believe in the digital/media. Apart from Bulk SMS, APC also invested in the Social Media, by getting people to campaign for them online, especially on Social Media. You see, we all can see the result today. So, you see, there’s power in the digital. Contact us here for your electoral campaigns.