Providing Software Solutions

Gigo360 Media is helping businesses and individuals change the way they do things by providing them with powerful software solutions that afford them with speed and efficiency. Some of these solutions are:

1.) GigoMail, a powerful Email Marketing Platform with Autoresponder that helps you easily reach your clients and prospects, follow them up, and send Unlimited Mails with Guaranteed Inbox Delivery

2.) WhatsApper, a Bulk WhatsApp Messaging Software that you can use send bulk WhatsApp Messages in text, audio and video, personalize messages, get the contacts of any whatsapp gropu you belong, filter WhatsApp Numbers, etc.

In addition to the mentioned above, we provide an array of other software solutions to ease your works.

Also, if you need a special or custom software development, you can as well make a request for it and you’ll have it done for you