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If you’re time conscious, then consider adopting our Smart Solutions for quick execution.

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Our Professional advice is top-notch. We’re not selfish, we completely pour our hearts to you with all sincerity.

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We deal with every of your matter on a one-on-one approach, giving it a detailed attention.

Business Solutions

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Providing Software Solutions

Gigo360 Media is helping businesses and individuals change the way they do things by providing them with powerful software solutions that afford them with speed and efficiency. Some of these solutions are:

1.) GigoMail, a powerful Email Marketing Platform with Autoresponder that helps you easily reach your clients and prospects, follow them up, and send Unlimited Mails with Guaranteed Inbox Delivery

2.) WhatsApper, a Bulk WhatsApp Messaging Software that you can use send bulk WhatsApp Messages in text, audio and video, personalize messages, get the contacts of any whatsapp gropu you belong, filter WhatsApp Numbers, etc.

Mobile Apps Development

We also help develop Apps for your website, or business, so that your clients or prospects won’t have to always visit your website to buy anything from you. As we all know, almost everyone now has a phone. So, with their phone/device, they can have your business with them on the go. All they need do is just go to the Application in their phone, and have. access to your business. We do this by making it available as a free download on your website for your clients or prospects to download. We develop Android, iPhone and PWA (Progressive Web Apps)

Responsive Websites Design

Are you a business an individual, a business or an organization, wishing to break out of your locality, reach out to the world and become a global brand? Gigo360 is just the perfect place to actualize it. If you are a business or a corporate body and your presence is not found on the Internet, then you are missing a lot. This defines the saying by Bill Gates (The CEO and Founder of Microsoft), he said there comes a time when there will be two groups of people: Those whose businesses are online and those who are out of business. This means, very soon, if your business is not online, then you are not in business.

Email And WhatsApp Marketing

Reach and follow up your clients and prospects with our Bulk Email Marketing Platform, GigoMail and our Bulk WhatsApp Messaging Software, WhatsApper. With these softwares, you can easily increase the sales of your products and services by over 700%.

You send messages in bulk to a large number of audience and personalize it (mention each recipient’s name), making them feel special and responding to you urgently