Launch Of WhatsApper


The Bulk WhatsApp Messaging Solution that you can use to shoot your sales by over 700% is ready.

The Bulk WhatsApp Messaging Solution that you can use to reach your prospects both Locally and Internationally is ready.

The Bulk WhatsApp Messaging Solution you can use create your business presence awareness in any locality is ready

The Bulk WhatsApp Messaging Solution that you can use to help political candidates send campaigns to their Prospective Voters and make cool money is ready

O yes, with this Bulk WhatsApp Messaging Software, you can…

–send WhatsApp Messages in Bulk to your WhatsApp Contacts,
—import contacts externally and send to them,
—filter the contacts and separate WhatsApp numbers from non WhatsApp numbers,
—mention the name of each recipient as though the message was sent to him alone,
—get the contacts of any WhatsApp Group you belong,
—generate WhatsApp numbers,
—save a campaign and resend later,
—compose multiple messages at the same time,
—send messages in both text (unlimited), pictures and videos,
—launch multiple sections of the software and carry out multiple functions (first of it’s kind), etc.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you WhatsApper….
Yes, it’s WhatsApper and it’s live and ready for you.

To get WhatsApper, kindly go to:…

Opportunity also available for you to be an Affiliate for this
software. Sell it and get up to 50% commission for each sale, and even up to instances of recurring subscription. Kindly contact us if you’re interested in becoming an affiliate.

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