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We’re a team of Developers, Internet Marketers, Web Developers/Designers, Web Consultants, etc, helping Businesses, Individuals, and Organizations realize and take the best advantage of the true power of the Internet (The best Invention of all time).

As a Professional and Web-Based Company in Nigeria, we have helped a number of businesses and organizations achieve their dream, and catapulted them to enviable heights through our Web Consulting And Internet Marketing Services.


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Let’s Get Digital!

Are you a business an individual, a business or an organization, wishing to break out of your locality, reach out to the world and become a global brand? Gigo360 is just the perfect place to actualize it. If you are a business or a corporate body and your presence is not found on the Internet, then you are missing a lot. This defines the saying by Bill Gates (The CEO and Founder of Microsoft), he said there comes a time when there will be two groups of people: Those whose businesses are online and those who are out of business. This means, very soon, if your business is not online, then you are not in business.

Do you know that you can increase your sales by over 700% by simply having a website for your business? Do you know that the only difference between you and the great Amazon you know is just: O yes, all those big household names that are known worldwide, like Amazon, Alibaba, Aliexpress, Ebay, Jumia, etc, became popular simply because of their websites. They, having website for their business enabled them to break out of their locality, bringing them to the knowledge of the world, and off course, global brands. I know many of us reading this have never seen or even know the owners of Alibaba, Aliexpress, Ebay, etc, and yet the impacts of their websites are undeniable. You can simply be in the comfort of your bed and buy anything you want from them, through their website, though you don’t see them face-to-face, nor even know them.

What Do You Want Done For You?

 A Website?

We design any type of website: School Portal (for all levels of education, with an online payment integration which allows parents/students to pay school fees and others online without having to go to the bank), Hotel Website (that will allow your clients to book online), Ecommerce Website (like aliexpress, ebay, jumia, konga, etc), Bulk SMS Website, General Business Website (like, Organization Website (e.g NGOs, etc), Church Website, Local/State Government Website, etc. We design any type of website. Just tell us what you want. If have an idea, then we will make it a reality for you. We do not just design the website and leave it for you, we also help promote it and get traffic (traffic means the visitors that will come to your website, just as you have customers/prospects visiting your physical office/shop. We don’t stop there, we will also help you make your website search engine optimized so that it becomes searchable in search engines like Google and others. For instance, when we make it search engine optimized, if anyone goes to Google and type your company name, website name, or anything related to your business, organization or website, your website will be among the results that will come out as result. Click Website Design to get your own website.


 Send Bulk Whatspp Message?

O yes, we have just built a Bulk WhatsApp Messaging Software called WhatsApper. Technology has gone beyond just sending Bulk SMS that is limited to 160 characters per SMS, which doesn’t afford you the opportunity to type and send everything you want to send. Our Bulk Whatsapp Messaging System gives you the opportunity to send unlimited message content in bulk to Whatsapp Users across the globe. You can also send pictures and videos

With WhatsApper, you his means when you send out the message in bulk to different recipients, each person receiving the message will have his/her own name mentioned in the text he/she receives. This is a VERY POWERFUL medium for publicity. For Churches, Businesses and Individuals. There’s power in mentioning a person’s name, especially if the person didn’t expect that you know his/her name. This is a marketing strategy used by coka cola that has attracted more customers to them and enabled them to have exponential sales. Even if a person doesn’t want to buy a coke, seeing his/her own name written on the can/bottle of the coke, makes him/her wants to buy that coke. So, it is with this special personalized bulk WhatsApp System. A receiver getting a text message and having his/her own name mentioned in the text content, makes him/her feel the message is directed to him alone, making him/her feel special and responding to the message. Don’t worry about how to get the phone numbers or the names, because our Nationwide Verified GSM Database, sorted by name (first and second name), sex and LGAs will take care of that. Get Bulk WhatsApp Messaging Software Here

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