We offer a variety of Online and Offline Services ranging from Web design, Web Consulting, Web Hosting, Web Security, Android Application Development, Bulk SMS, Voice Calls, Bulk Whatsapp Messaging, Shortcode Set Up, Caller Tune Set Up, Importation of Goods, CCTV Installation, Car Tracking, Live Streaming, Mobile Recharge, Training, etc.

• Web design: The first step to becoming relevant and hitting it big in the digital world is to have a website for self, business, or corporate organization. It’s just like having an office space for your business where people can easily locate you, but in this case, you’re having the office on the internet, and this enables you to break out of location limitation, and become accessible by prospects from around the world. Click Website Design to know more.

• Web security: we also help you secure your website. As we know, hackers are everywhere on the internet. Just like a roaring lion looking for whom to devour. It’s there necessary for you to secure your website. Especially if your website is shopping/booking website, where people come and make payment for one thing or the other. Click Web Security to know more.

• Web Hosting: we also offer web hosting services to our clients. We help you in hosting any type of website at just $5/month. Our hosting comes with unlimited space, cpanel and a lot of other great features. Click Web Hosting to know more

• Android Application Development: We also help develop android Apps for your website, or business, so that your clients or prospects won’t have to always visit your website to buy anything from you. As we all know, almost everyone now has an android phone or android device. So, with their android phone/device, they can have your business with them on the go. All they need do is just go to the Application in their phone, and have access to your business. We do this by making it available as a free download on your website for your clients or prospects to download. Click Android Application Development to know more

• Bulk SMS: We have special bulk SMS platform that mentions each recipient’s name, with this, no prospect can say: “no” to you. There’s power in mentioning someone’s name. It creates a bond between you and the person. With our Nationwide Verified GSM Database, sorted by name, sex and LGAs, we can help you do this. Our Bulk SMS Service delivers up to 99.99%. Click Bulk SMS Services to know more

• Bulk Whatsapp Messaging: As technology advances, we also glad to let you know that you can now send Bulk Whatsapp Messages to all your prospects who are on Whatsapp. Unlike the Bulk SMS Service that is limited to 160 characters, you can send unlimited message content, with pictures and videos to your prospects. Click Bulk Whatspp Messaging to know more

• Voice Calls: the most attention capturing sound in the world today in a ringing phone. You can afford to ignore any other sound made around you, but you can’t just ignore your ringing mobile phone. Voice Call is a very powerful digital marketing strategy because almost everyone in the world today owes a mobile phone. Even if it’s not a sophisticated phone, at least it can ring and respond to calls. Our Bulk Voice Calls Platform offers you the opportunity to send a pre-recorded message, and send it in bulk in the mp3 format to a large number of recipients. It then gets to the recipient phone and ring as an incoming call, which the recipient will have to respond to. This is very powerful for election campaigns and a good way of publicity. We can also help you achieve this. Click Voice/Robot Calls to know more

• Election Campaigns: If you’re vying for a political office, or having someone vying for any political office, Gigo360 is the way to go. Don’t worry, just let us help you handle your electoral campaigns digitally, and winning will be sure for you. That your long aspiring political office will surely be yours. With our Nationwide Verified GSM Database, sorted by names, sex and LGAs, combined with our special and powerful bulk SMS Platform that mentions each recipient’s name. With our bulk Whatsapp Messaging Platform, that enables you to send unlimited message content, with campaign pictures and videos to all Whatsapp users in your target location. With our Voice Calls Service that you can use to call and talk directly to all your target voters in your desired LGA(s) at a go; you’ve got no other option than to just win. Before we start campaigning for you, we will design a personal website for you, that contains and describes your personality profile and past achievements, with pictures and others, and then send the website address to your prospective voters for them to see and know more about you. Another beautiful thing about our election campaign service is that we don’t support two opponents vying for a particular political office at the same time. For instance, if you’re contesting to become the chairman of your LGA, and you contact us at Gigo360 to help you campaign, we will be glad to do it for you, and we won’t only do it for business sake, we will give you our maximum support to see you win, to the extent that even if your opponent contacts us for the same contract, we won’t accept it from him again because we are already committed to making you win. But then, it’s a matter of: “First Come, First Served”. If you’re the first to contact us, and give us the job, then good luck, because we will support you till the end andwill not accept same job from your opponent. Click Election Campaigns: Win Election With Our Services to know more

• Send Personalized Bulk SMS: As said earlier above, we have a special bulk SMS Platform that mentions the name of each recipient. This is called Personalized Bulk SMS. This is a very powerful method of winning your prospects and establishing a bond with them. Each prospect gets a the message and have his/her own name is mentioned in the message he/she receives as though it was directed to him/her alone. You know, there’s power in calling somebody’s name, especially if he/she didn’t feel you know him/her before. On the person seeing his/her own name mentioned a situation he never expected, a bond is established, and your probability of winning that prospect increases drastically. This was a strategy used by coca cola, by writing the names of people on a coke bottle. And they made a lot of sales from it. Even if you don’t want to buy a coke before, but if you see your name written on the bottle of a coke, you may want to buy that coke. That’s the power of mentioning someone’s name. As at the time of writing this, Gigo360 is the only company that has this type of Bulk SMS Platform that mentions each recipient’s name in Nigeria. Click Send Personalized Bulk SMS to access our Personalized Bulk SMS Platform. Click here to download guide on how to send Personalized Bulk SMS from our Platform.

• Shortcode Set Up: I have had people asking me: “what’s shortcode?”, whenever they hear it. Well, shortcodes are those codes you get text messages from, asking you to subscribe by sending a name or a code to that same code at a subscription fee of say #50 monthly. Examples of shortcodes are: 33114, 7877, 56743, etc. Those messages you receive from such numbers that you assume have been coming from telecom providers like mtn, glo, etc, are not actually from them. Most of such messages come from individuals like you and I. It’s what you too can do. All you need do is set up your own shortcode, get an audience who are interested in what you do, and have them send money to your bank account monthly by simply subscribing to your shortcode. This is a very strategic way of making money. It can be used for football prediction, election results prediction, voting, sending unique information to your subscribers, etc. The use is endless. You may be having an audience who want to learn about the stuffs you’ve got, this is a very good way of having them send you money, while you teach them what you know. Click Get Your Own Shortcode to know more

• Callertune Setup: Are you a singer, a poet, a preacher, etc, having a wonderful record that people would love to use as a callertune, to entertain their callers? Then this is for you. And better still, do you have a large fan base who wants to use your record as a callertune? Then, bring your record and let us help you set it up as a callertune, and have your fans send money to your bank account monthly. Click Get Your Own Callertune to know more

• Live Streaming: Live Streaming enables your events/programmes to be broadcast live all over the world via the internet. If you’re a pastor, and you want your programmes, events, crusades to be broadcast live all over the world, then this is for you. Or are you a network or a Multilevel Marketer (MLM), who organizes series of recruitment seminars and you want them broadcast live globally, them this is for you. Click Live Streaming to know more

• Car Tracking: Track your car from wherever you are. With our GPS Special Tracking Service, without network limitation, you can monitor your car with your phone wherever the car is. Interested in this? Then contact us.

• CCTV Installation: You can keep constant eyes on all that happens around you with our CCTV Security System. Let us help you install CCTV in your home and office for you to be in constant watch of all that goes on around you. Contact us for more.

• Monitor Visitors with your phone: We have various monitory devices that you can use to monitor happenings around you. For instance, we have a phone that you can use to see the visitors at your gate even from the comfort of your bedroom. Contact us for more.

• True Internet Business Training: We’ve always had a lot of people asking us to teach them real and legitimate internet business. Many of them have fallen into the hands of scammers, and have been ripped-off some valuable amount of money. Some have even bought quite a number of internet business materials from some so called gurus, who promised them overnight wealth, but at the end, it all failed. Well, I have actually decided not to train anyone on internet business until I become a billionaire. But, due to frequent demand for it, I decided to create this section of training. Note that for a real internet business model, at least one of these must be involved: 1.) It’s either you sell something online, 2.) buy something online 3.) Or render a service online. Anything outside these three conditions is a scam. Also, note that internet business is not a get rich quick type of business. Just like every other business, you have to nurture it to grow. It’s a fact that up to 95% of those who venture into Internet Business fail. So, don’t be deceived by the lies you have been told that Internet Business is so easy, everyone can do it. What then is the problem? Do you really want to know? If you really want to learn the real and legitimate internet businesses, then learn from us. But note that it’s not cheap, but it’s affordable. Click Learn Internet Marketing The Right Way to get out internet marketing training videos.

• Our Store: We have a variety of both Physical and Digital Products for sale in our store. Click Our Store to see our store and shop for anything you want.

• Recharge Card: Recharge your phone, your DSTV and other decoders from the comfort of your bed with our online recharge card. The difference between our recharging and other online recharging system is that we sell both the recharge card PINs and direct top up. Recharging with Recharge Card PINs afford you the opportunity to still get the bonuses the networks give upon recharging. For instance, glo and etisalat give you 15mb when you recharge #200 and above with Recharge Card PINs, and glo bumpa tarrif plan gives you 200% bonus when you recharge with PINs. But direct top up will not give you any bonus even if you recharge up to #50,000. So, we sell both Recharge Card PINs and direct top up, unlike others that sell only direct top up that won’t give you any bonus. Click here to recharge.

• Social Media Management: Do you want your business to be seen on social media like facebook, twitter, linkedin, etc? Then we are also here for you. Or do you bother about how you can be managing your clients or prospects on the internet when your website is set up? Don’t worry; we are also here for you. We can help you manage your clients’ emails, phone numbers, etc, send messages to them and receive messages from them on your behalf. Click Social Media Managemet to know more

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