Now, some of you may be feeling you don’t have any capital to start a business, and so cannot take advantage of internet business. What if I tell you that you can be making at least #30k weekly with our special and Personalized Bulk SMS Platform coupled with our Nationwide Verified GSM Database, sorted by name, sex and LGAs? How will it sound? Or does it sound impossible? No, not at all. The truth remains that you can be making at least #30k, or even more weekly from our Special and Personalized Bulk SMS Platform. Personalized Bulk SMS means one SMS content sent in bulk to different recipients’ phone numbers, but it gets to each recipient’s phone with his/her own name mentioned in the text content as though it was directed or sent to him/her alone. This is a very good strategy for digital marketing. This was the strategy used by coka cola, by writing people’s name on a coke bottle, such that if you see your own name written on a coke bottle, you may likely want to buy that coke, even if you didn’t want a coke before. There’s power in mentioning a person’s name, especially if the person didn’t expect that you knew his/her name. That’s strategic marketing. Now, we have the Nationwide Verified GSM Database, sorted by name, sex and LGAs, of the states in Nigeria. And then our Personalized Bulk SMS Platform. Now, what if you meet some businesses, churches, etc, around you and tell them that you have the active GSM Numbers of the people in their business or church environment, and that you can help them send bulk SMS to the people around them to advertise their business to them or invite them for church programmes? And that you are not just sending a plain text to the people, but each person receiving the text message will have his/her own name mentioned in the message he/she receives as though the message was directed to him/her alone. How do you see this? In fact, any pastor or business minded person you present this idea to will buy it. They will even love you more when they start seeing the results, and you will get more opportunities from them. Any pastor who tries and confirms this strategy will even refer you to his colleagues who are also pastors. Business owners will love you for this. So, you can see that the opportunities here are limitless. You may ask how they will believe you since you don’t have the GSM Database to show them, so that they will believe you. In that case, you can contact us and we will send you a screenshot of the GSM Database of your desired LGA like this one below:

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We are a group of Digital (Internet) Marketers, Web Consultants, etc, aimed at making life easier for individuals, business owners, Churches (and pastors), corporate organizations, etc, through Website Development and Digital Marketing and we are passionate about all we do.

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07 August 2015
07 August 2015
07 August 2015

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