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Dear Friend,

Want to learn how to build your online business...

But long work hours getting to you?

Frustrated with steep learning curves?

And you don't have the deep pockets to hire a coach or mentor?

No problem!

Because starting today you can learn everything you need to know to build your online business... on a budget!


Just So You Know...

Your current circumstances, station in life, and where you see yourself in the world of online marketing right now is of little relevance... as far as where you are heading to next is concerned.

You've heard success stories of people generating income beyond their wildest imagination.

From stories of a single mother making 5 figures a month to the college dropout building a multi-million dollar business right out of his bedroom.

These are cool and sometimes heartwarming stories.

But when you try it out yourself, you start to notice these stories leave out a lot of details.

And I mean, like, A LOT.

That's when you realize that building your online business isn't as easy as you've been led to believe.

And one of the most frustrating things that annoy most beginners is the technical details.

Things like:

  • "How do I set up my web hosting account?"

  • "How do I get a domain name?"

  • "How do I add my buy button?"

  • "How do I make my web pages more search engine friendly?"

The gurus sure make it look EASY.

Well here's the good news: I've come up with a series of video tutorials to SHOW you how to overcome your technical challenges. Unlike most step-by-step books and guides out there, I've got these done for you in video format so you can see what's on-screen...

... And all you need to do is follow!

This is as easy as it gets.

Think of this as the paint by numbers guide for online business owners like yourself.


True Internet Business Videos

The Full List Of What You Will Learn:

Aweber: How to create a list

Aweber: How to schedule follow-up emails

Aweber: How to create a broadcast

Aweber: Automation rules

Aweber: How to create a signup form

Getresponse: How to create a list

Getresponse: How to schedule follow-up emails

Getresponse: How to create a broadcast

Getresponse: Automation rules

Getresponse: How to create a signup form

WordPress: How to install WordPress

WordPress: How to configure WordPress

WordPress: How to find and install plugins

Paypal: How to create your Paypal buy button

JVZoo: How to add your Products

JVZoo: How to set up your sales funnel

JVZoo: How to create a buy button

WarriorPlus: How to add your Products

WarriorPlus: How to set up your sales funnel

WarriorPlus: How to create a buy button

Clickbank: How to submit your product

Clickbank: How to get your buy button

GoDaddy: How to set your DNS

GoDaddy: How to create a forwarding URL

NameCheap: How to set your DNS

NameCheap: How to create a forwarding URL

FileZilla: How to log into a hosting account

FileZilla: How to upload and delete files

SEO: On-site Optimization

SEO: Off-site Optimization

So Who Is This For Exactly?

Online Business Newbies - regardless of which expert or 'guru' you subscribe to, the truth is you NEED to know at least some basic technical aspects of your own operation. I show you how to put your online venture together and each tutorial is no more than a few minutes long.

Freelancers In The Making - if you are a virtual assistant or want to work freelance for other clients, here's how you can quickly gain this valuable skill and render your service for either one-time or monthly fee. Technical skills like these are something you cannot simply acquire from traditional school or college/uni.

Got Technical Challenges? Sometimes it is unwise to hire an expensive coach or mentor to show you the technical steps when you can pick it up on your own in minutes (and spend quality time with your mentor to show the BIGGER picture of how to grow your online business)

Want To Get Some Things Done On Your Own Quick? It makes little sense to hire someone over and over again (and thus forking out payment over and over) for simple tasks that you can accomplish on your own almost immediately. Plus, safeguard critical information on your own business operations as it grows bigger.

You're A Business Owner And You Want To Train Your Team - as a leader, your time is valuable. These videos can substitute you in training your employees, interns or virtual assistants... while you do the marketing!


No more guesswork. No more 'figuring it out'.

Your frustration with technical details ENDS TODAY. Skip all the trial and error right now by clicking on the order button below.

Real IM Videos


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   Facebook and Google do not want to give you free traffic, but youtube does and will always want to.

People are tired of seeing and reading written adverts everywhere, but are never tired of watching videos


Dear Marketer,

Sick and tired of taking the long way when it comes to       building your list?

Frustrated with 'guru' methods that don't work the way they were promised?

I feel ya!

Believe it or not, building your list and getting leads doesn't have to be hard.

In fact, it has gotten a whole lot easier.

And in just a couple minutes from now, you will learn a powerful yet largely undertapped traffic source...

You can draw continuous, massive leads

Get targeted buyers

And do this with nothing more than short videos!

If you haven't started using videos for marketing, you're leaving lots of money and leads on the table right now.

And... I know... you're probably thinking along the lines of

"I don't know how to create my own videos"

"I don't want to be standing in front of the camera"

"That sounds like too much work!"

But what if I tell you this couldn't be any further from the truth?

Because The Truth Is:

You DON'T have to record your own videos

You DON'T have to stand in front of the camera or do that embarassing selfie video

It won't take more than a few minutes of your time (and I will show you how)

And you can use the same videos to drive targeted leads to your offer and landing page!

This is the turnaround you're looking for...


I will show you how to create or get simple videos for free or low-cost...

... And generate traffic to build yourself a sizable, MASSIVE list and income!

 Nothing to do with Facebook Ads

Nothing to do with SEO

Nothing to do with methods you probably know (and tried without much luck)

Discover the blueprint to building your list at warp speed using videos ... you don't have to record!

How to find profitable products to promote using videos

Bank in passive sales with videos

How to create a killer give away offer

And use videos to generate targeted leads... by the hordes!

Easy ways to churn out videos using free and inexpensive tools and methods... and within hours!

I also include my on-screen tutorial so you can follow on how to configure your YouTube account to start sharing out your videos!

You also learn how to pick the right keywords to rank high for your videos and get all the search it deserves.

Web Design Course: This a complete Course on how you can design any type of website and become a pro. Be it Ecommerce Website like Jumia, Konga, School Portal (Website) like University of Benin website, a blog, Directory Website like, etc. Just any type of website you can think of

And much more... this is going to change the way you build your list, and video marketing won't be the same again!


The best part is: learning this prized skill won't come at the price of a seminar or workshop.

In fact, you can get instant access to this digital course at a much lower investment.

I imagine if you make 1 sale, maybe 2... you will make back your investment - and the rest is profit.

There's no better time than now to start building your list with videos.

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Meaning, you can resell these Products on your own and keep the cash. You can decide to even sell the products one by one, or sell them all together at any amount and keep the 100% profit. You can rebrand the products and put your name or company name, as though they belong to you, etc.

                          HOW MUCH THEN ARE ALL THESE PRODUCTS?
You may wondering, how much all these go for. All the above packages, with their respective PLR go for just:

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                          There are yet other Fantastic Bonuses

Niche Marketing Videos: This alone will blow your mind. This shows you how to look for a hungry market and sell to them


Product Creation Magic Videos: This is a step-by-step process on how you too can create your own product with ease and generate sale

Online Copy Writing Trick Videos: I call this Priceless. This Sales Page you're reading now is an example of copywriting. This video will take you through a step-by-step process on how you too can write this type of sales letter with ease, and sell products to your customers online.

Email Marketing Videos:  A Master Piece. You have been receivng a lot of emails from Internet Marketers, and sometimes, they even mention your name and you're wondering how. This video shows you everything. It didn't only explain and stop there, but it also shows you the advance side of it. The various hidden secrets you can employ to make your email marketing a success

Affiliate Marketing Training Videos: Even if you are a complete newbie, this is a sure way to success in Internet Marketing Sojourn.

Social Media Traffic Videos: A ste-by-step process on how you can get quality traffic from facebook, twitter, etc.

ONLINE IMPORTATION SECRETS: My New Importation Business Secrets. This is what others have been selling to you.

SELLING YOUR IMPORTED PRODUCTS: A Step-By-Step Videos on How to list and sell your imported products on Jumia and konga websites, each having over 50 millions registered users. That means, over 50 millions potential buyers waiting to buy your imported goods. And so, you wouldn't have to go about looking for customers to sell your products to. All you just do is import, stay in the comfort of your room and sell online. You don't have to look for buyers around.  What elso can be better than this? This alone is worth more than #25k. This is what others have been selling to you. But now, you get it for FREE!

CAR TRACKING AND CCTV INSTALLATION BUSINESS:  I call this Wow! This is a Step-By-Step Video Tutorials on how you can start your own Car Tracking and CCTV Installation Company right from the comfort of your bedroom, without breaking your bank. This video tutorials also show you how you can get clients from your comfort zone without having to move around looking for them. This video alone is worth than #100k. But you are getting it all for FREE!

THE NATIONWIDE VERIFIED GSM DATABASE OF YOUR DESIRED STATE: In addition to the above bonuses, you get Our Special and Verified GSM Database of your desired state. This is what I call Priceless. We sell each State of our GSM Database for at least #15k. You can find out here. The  Database is sorted by LGAs, names (1st and 2nd names of each person) and sex. This alone will take your business to the next level.  Just Imagine having the names and phone numbers of all the people living in the LGAs of the state you want.
Below is a screenshot of how the Database looks:

All these And Many more...........................


Hurry now and get yours now because these bonuses are only for those who buy on or before Friday, the 14th of October, 2016. After that, all the bonuses will be removed and no going back.

All the above Video Courses put together for your internet marketing success, even if you have never touched a mouse before.

What else do you need to succeed?...........................

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                                     WHO AM I?

I know some people must have been wondering who I am. My name is Glory Omoye. I'm an Internet Marketer. I'm the CEO of Gigo360 Media. A digital marketing company registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). We render alot of Services like Website Design (We design any type of website), Web Hosting and Web Security, Bulk SMS (We have a special bulk sms platform that mentions each person's name), GSM Shortcode Set Up, Caller Tune Set Up, Voice Calls, Car Tracking, CCTV Security, etc. Here is our Company Website: You can as well go through our various services on the website to know more about us. Click here to add me on facebook.

Above are sections of some of the Internet Business Seminars I had with some Corps Members

Below are what some of our previous buyers who bought our previously released product on Online Importaion in Nigeria have to say:

   "The New Importation Secrets, to me is a masterpiece.. It was well written and explained everything in simplest form. It has helped me discover new ways of getting cheaper and innovative goods without the need to travel"...Harry Igwe

  "It was 70% helpful. I started importation with it , just learning as I am importing,experience has taught me alot".....Evans Ikponwonsa

 "The material was OK and am still using it till now. Sure, if it's worth it.".....Femi AdebaJo

So, what then are you still waiting for?

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